CBD has been lauded for its ability to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression and, now more than ever, people are seeking out CBD to help them cope with these unprecedented times that have been hard on all of us.

CBD is easily the most sought-after natural medicine on the market and there is a lot of it out there. However, as a consumer, you deserve to know that not all CBD is alike; and that goes for content as well as quality. 

If you are just now dipping your toe into the CBD pool, there is a lot that you need to know about the different types of CBD. 


CBD Isolate is just that…isolated CBD.  In order isolate CBD alone, all of the other chemicals and compound present in the cannabis plant, including THC, are removed from the extract, which leaves pure CBD in crystal form. Next, what’s known as the “winterization process” takes place, which removes any excess waxes or other plant material that may be left behind after the initial filtration process. The end result is a fine, white powder that is 99% CBD with no distinctive taste or smell, that is easy to consume.  CBD isolate is the best option for anyone who is sensitive to THC or is subject to regular or random drug tests.

Full-Spectrum CBD however, is CBD that contains all of the plant matter, including THC. In addition, it also contains all of the other beneficial compounds such as essential vitamins and minerals; fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6; plant-based proteins and fibers; chlorophyll; terpenes (unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of the cannabis plant); and flavonoids (chemicals that are responsible for a plant’s color, smell, and flavor).

Closely related to Full-Spectrum CBD is Broad-Spectrum CBD.  Broad-Spectrum CBD has the THC removed from the extract, but still contains all of the beneficial plant material found in Full-Spectrum Extract.


We, at Reward Wellness, are on a mission to provide natural and alternative treatments for a variety of ailments.  All of our products are domestically farmed, extracted, and produced with pharmaceutical-grade hemp oil that is mixed with MCT coconut oil as the carrier oil. Our hemp oil extraction process does not involve any solvents, which keeps the purity of the ingredients intact and every ingredient added to our array of products are all natural.

Our CBD oil collection includes several options for both Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD oil.  Our Full-Spectrum CBD oil is offered as a bundle or individually in strengths of 5,000; 3,000; 2,000; 1,500; 1,000; 500; and 300mg of CBD and our Broad-Spectrum CBD oil comes in strengths of 2,500; 1,500; 1,000; and 600 mg of CBD.  We also have 300mg of pet CBD oil that can be dropped into their food or water bowl or applied directly to their skin.  We even have CBD oil for horses in 1000mg and 4000mg strengths.

To learn more about our CBD oils and to find which one is right for you, shop CBD oils at Reward Wellness today!

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